Anı Madalyası (Eng)
Anı Madalyası (Eng)

Commemorative Medals

Fiyat : $15.50(KDV Dahil)

  • * Commemorative Medals ordered specifically for 2024 METU Alumni Day will not be shipped to your address. Your medal will only be presented at your department on the Day, and the medals of our institute graduates will be given at the Culture and Convention Center (CCC).

  • * Since commemorative medals are personalized, exchanges and returns cannot be made.

  • * Only 1 (one) item of this product can be ordered in the same basket.

  •  * The budget formed under the commemorative medals will be used to meet the needs of the new cafeteria building constructed for the use of our students.


1. Department

2. Name and Surname

3. Name and Surname to be written on the Medal (If there is a change in the name and surname, you can correct it here.)

* I will receive my Commemorative Medal at the ceremony to be held on July 6, 2024

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