Analysis of Transport Phenomena

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Deen's first edition has served as an ideal text for graduate level transport courses within chemical engineering and related disciplines. It has successfully communicated the fundamentals of transport processes to students with its clear presentation and unified treatment of momentum, heat, and mass transfer, and its emphasis on the concepts and analytical techniques that apply to all of these transport processes. This text includes distinct features such as mathematically self-contained discussions and a clear, thorough discussion of scaling principles and dimensional analysis. This new edition offers a more integrative approach, covering thermal conduction and diffusion before fluid mechanics, and introducing mathematical techniques more gradually, to provide students with a better foundation for more advanced problems later on. It also provides a broad range of new, real-world examples and exercises, which reflects the current shifts of emphasis within chemical engineering practice and research to biological applications, microsystem technologies, membranes, think films, and interfacial phenomena. Finally, this edition includes a new appendix with a concise review of how to solve the differential equations most commonly encountered transport problems.