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What Can Cats Do?
What Can Cats Do?

What Can Cats Do?

Fiyat : $14.62

   Authors : Abner Graboff,
   ISBN10 : 185124493X
   ISBN13 : 9781851244935
   Binding : Hardback
   Pages : 48
   Publisher : Bodleian Library
   Publis Date : 2018
   Languange : English

There are many things cats can do which children can't, such as lap up milk and use their tongues as combs. There are also a number of things that cats can't do, like sing children to sleep, or get down from trees...                                         Abner Graboff combines the voice of childhood innocence with a wonderful sense of fun in his quirky book about the mysteries of cats and their secret lives, told from the point of view of a young child. Playful and bold illustrations complement the simple text, inspired by a much-loved family feline.