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Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

Fiyat : $37.57

Kitaplar, şifre ile birlikte satılan kitaplar ,direkt şifre veya elektronik kitap erişim kodları satışlarında değişim iade yapılamamaktadır. 

   Authors : Steve Marschner,Peter Shirley,
   ISBN10 : 1482229390
   ISBN13 : 9781482229394
   Edition : 4th New edition
   Binding : Hardback
   Pages : 734
   Publisher : Apple Academic Press Inc.
   Publis Date : 2015
   Languange : English

Drawing on an impressive roster of experts in the field, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, Fourth Edition offers an ideal resource for computer course curricula as well as a user-friendly personal or professional reference.                                                            Focusing on geometric intuition, the book gives the necessary information for understanding how images get onto the screen by using the complementary approaches of ray tracing and rasterization. It covers topics common to an introductory course, such as sampling theory, texture mapping, spatial data structure, and splines. It also includes a number of contributed chapters from authors known for their expertise and clear way of explaining concepts.                                                            Highlights of the Fourth Edition Include:                                                                                                    Updated coverage of existing topics                    Major updates and improvements to several chapters, including texture mapping, graphics hardware, signal processing, and data structures                    A text now printed entirely in four-color to enhance illustrative figures of concepts                                                            The fourth edition of Fundamentals of Computer Graphics continues to provide an outstanding and comprehensive introduction to basic computer graphic technology and theory. It retains an informal and intuitive style while improving precision, consistency, and completeness of material, allowing aspiring and experienced graphics programmers to better understand and apply foundational principles to the development of efficient code in creating film, game, or web designs.                                                                                                                                                                                      Key Features                                                                                                    Provides a thorough treatment of basic and advanced topics in current graphics algorithms                    Explains core principles intuitively, with numerous examples and pseudo-code                    Gives updated coverage of the graphics pipeline, signal processing, texture mapping, graphics hardware, reflection models, and curves and surfaces                    Uses color images to give more illustrative power to concepts